Documentation is generated by using Sphinx and published on RTD and GitLab pages


Documentation is automatically created on each merge to the development branch and available πŸ“š at GitLab Pages as well as πŸ“š ReadTheDocs

Install required packages

# create and activate virtual environment
python3 -m venv .venv
source .venv/bin/activate

# install and upgrade required packages
pip install -U -r docs/requirements.txt

Create documentation

Some usefull checks have been disabled in the docs/ file. Please check the documentation build output locally before opening a MR.

tox -e docs

If you don’t want to use tox to generate the Sphinx documentation use the following commands

# perform link checks
sphinx-build docs/ docs/build/linkcheck -d docs/build/docs_doctree/ --color -blinkcheck -j auto -W

# create documentation
sphinx-build docs/ docs/build/html/ -d docs/build/docs_doctree/ --color -bhtml -j auto -W

The created documentation can be found at docs/build/html.